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Buying from HD Auto Consultants

HDAC consists of a team of expert buyers and researchers who are continually looking to buy the very best automobiles 365 days a year.

When you buy a car from HDAC you can be assured that it has been researched and verified as an exceptional example worthy of becoming an addition to the HDAC stock list. We exclusively sell classic and contemporary premium marque motorcars – we do not service or restore cars – and therefore if you are buying or selling a vehicle you can be assured our 100% commercial focus has no potential conflict of interest of enhancing low quality cars for retail purposes or looking to sell cars of this type with a view to obtaining subsequent restoration work. We only deal in the best cars which are ready to be used by their next fortunate owners.

In addition – when buying a car from HDAC – you have ample time to view the car at your leisure, conduct your own research and if desired purchase a car away from the public spotlight. Although we will on occasion buy cars from our customers – buying from HDAC is a different experience: You have ample time to make the right decision and undertake the due diligence at your leisure.

Sale on Consignment

At HDAC, we are always on the look out for used vehicles for our eager clients. See our requests

Selling your car privately can be time consuming and not everyones cup of tea. If you are planning to change your car, and don’t want the hassle of selling privately, why not contact us to arrange a viewing of your car? We will then give you an honest appraisal of the condition and value of your car. We can either purchase your car, leaving you free to purchase your next vehicle without the need for part exchange or we can sell your motorcar on your behalf on a commission basis or part exchange it for one of our stock cars.

Customers that are consigning vehicles with us are only charged an agreed fee upon successful sale, and cars can be returned at anytime at the owners request. We only ask that you cover the valet costs for your car, which is typically around £100, depending on the condition of the car. This service is carried out by our own valet service, and will mean your car is presented in the best possible light for viewing clients and for photography.

Crucially many of our transactions for clients all over the world are conducted discreetly and our hard won reputation for integrity is a product of thousands of successful transactions.

Feel free to contact us with all your motoring needs

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